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Process management

Receiving, sending, arriving, dispatching, signing management; headquarters, outlets, employees, customers management; freight collection and distribution ...

Financial Management

Center, branch, and employee financial management; settlement of payment, collection of goods and advance payment settlement; multi-level financial automatic settlement; salesman commissioned branch settlement details ...

Position management

Real-time location tracking, track query for dispatchers and drivers, map location for shipping customers, route planning ...

Same city express system

Data management

Headquarters, outlets, dispatcher business report and financial statement summary, ticket comparison, data analysis and real-time information reminder ...

WeChat expansion

Real-time information notification of WeChat check, order, shipping status and online payment. The real-time delivery information pushes the sender's automatic allocation mode or grab order mode ...

Custom Management

Customization of business processes; customization of financial settlement; branch structure, expense algorithm, order number rules ...

Value-added services

Express management APP, WeChat expansion, value-added services, etc., dedicated to creating an integrated express management for you.

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Applicable to all express logistics companies, freight stations, and third-party transportation companies. Huoyun APP is a self-developed management software tailored for the logistics express industry, which can greatly improve the business efficiency of express logistics companies and allow salespeople to move their offices as they wish.

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Huoyun Software, WeChat Development

WeChat expansion

Real-time information notification and online payment of customer WeChat check, order, shipping status, customer information is automatically saved in the address book. The shipping information is pushed in real time by the sender APP to automatically switch between the automatic allocation mode or the order grab mode, and the customer experience is completely upgraded.

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Huoyun, official website customization

Value-added services

Official website, e-commerce platform, related software customization and other value-added services, in order to provide customers with express software integration solutions, our company provides express software peripheral products sales, quality assurance, and seamless integration with software systems.

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